Screenings & Footage

At 45 North Films we are committed to using filmmaking to help conserve wildlife and their habitat. We strive to produce content that gives audiences rare glimpses of nature and we are constantly working to encourage the public to protect wilderness and share the landscape with wildlife. Our conservation efforts take three forms: free public screenings of the films we produce, showing films and presenting wildlife talks in schools and working with governmental and non-governmental groups to produce conservation-minded programs and PSAs.

Public Screenings

With the support of the Sierra Club, we hold free public screenings of our hour-long film ‘Grizzly’ throughout the Greater Yellowstone region. We premiered the film in Missoula to a packed house of 300 people. After each screening we hold a question and answer session. We also make free educational materials available.

If you would like to arrange for a screening in your community, please contact us.

School Screenings

The Sierra Club and 45 North Films have teamed up to bring free film screenings and educational presentations about grizzly bears to schools throughout Montana and Wyoming. In addition to showing a film, we also give a talk that touches on bear biology, proper food storage and general safety issues when traveling in bear country.

If you would like to schedule a screening/presentation for your school, please contact us.

Conservation Footage Use

We are always looking for opportunities to team up with conservation organizations to produce conservation advocacy films. We often provide footage at reduced cost for PSAs aimed at wildlife education and advocacy.

Contact us for more information.